About Us

Roads to Recovery is a recovery community organization; an independent, nonprofit corporation led by people in and supportive of recovery. Our mission is to assist other people to find and sustain recovery. Our goal is to develop and mobilize resources to increase the prevalence and quality of long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. We focus on building services and supports to fill gaps in the system of care.

Most people who drop out of treatment say they would have stayed if they could have received practical support with other areas of life, such as a job, getting their kids back, or housing.

The services we provide are aimed at reducing the stigma that prevents people from getting help. Roads to Recovery operates a recovery center that is the “hub” from which we provide peer recovery support services and promote a positive culture of recovery from substance use disorders. Our staff consists of people with “lived experience” of addiction and recovery who serve as recovery mentors and system navigators. Roads to Recovery also operates residential recovery services that provide an affordable alternative to residential treatment.

What Makes Us Unique?

One thing we know for certain from 30 years of research is that people have better results (abstinence + quality of life) the longer they stay engaged in supportive services. In other words, the higher your quality of life, the more likely you are to stay in recovery.  Our services are designed to address what people care about, and to keep them engaged for at least a year, through a variety of recovery support services. This is what recovery management means, and it is what makes our services different from traditional treatment. Some services require a fee, while others are free, and individual situations are considered on a case by case basis. Some people will receive services through contracts with their referral agencies.

No one will ever be turned away from Roads to Recovery due to inability to pay.



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recovery from substance use disorders.


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